Why I decided to Rebrand


  1. Samantha Patterson says:

    Love your new site and how you’re doing mentor sessions now! Super creative.

  2. Erinn Reville says:

    I am LOVING this new blog! It’s so clean, it seems WAY more you and what you like to capture in your photos. Additionally, I really love the little trees you have decorated all over. It’s just really fun, the colors are awesome, and overall just so much more YOU!

  3. Erica says:

    I’m not sure what your old website looked like, but I love how you take pictures. If I we’re having my wedding now you’d be my top choice. Photographers make the memories of your day come to life and I love watching your social media of the beautiful pictures you take. Great work!!

  4. Sarah VanKirk says:

    I love your new branding and how well it reflects your photography and editing style! Super nature-y, warm, and clean!

  5. Rachael L says:

    Love your photos and the new brand! Such a creative, journal-esque vibe!

  6. Laura McBride says:

    This new site is amazing! I love the colors and vibe…so beautiful.
    Makes me super excited for you to shoot my wedding!!

  7. Sanja Matukic says:

    Love everything! All the colors and themes naturally flow beautifully on this website!

  8. Chelsea says:

    Sarah, this brand really represents you as a person and the brand that you’ve created! It’s truly amazing!! I love your new website and can’t wait to explore it more!! 😍

  9. Love the green and torn edge look on the website!!

  10. Jamie Lynn Lambert says:

    Sarah everything looks so awesome on here!!! Love love love the new brand! You go girl!!!

  11. Adam Scott says:

    So very excited to be part of this journey!

  12. Kayla Rossi says:

    Love your new site Sarah! XO!

  13. Marge Libby says:

    I loved the photo of the couple where he’s holding her up in the air. It looks like angel wings from her veil! And I got chills scrolling to the photo of the couple in the boat with pillows around them. Fantastic job Sarah!!!

  14. Jessica says:

    This is beautiful work, Sarah! It’s awesome to see how far your passion took you! Congrats!

  15. Jenny says:

    Sarah this website is so cozy and welcoming. You did a fabulous job, glad you stayed true to what you love and what you wanted for your company. You are fabulous at what you do and I hope you attract clients that truly appreciate all that you do. Cheers to the next adventure!

  16. Love your creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Beautiful work!

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