I am honored for the opportunity to share my knowledge with fellow photographers that are ready to take their business to the next level. You should know that I am an open book because I genuinely want to see you succeed. You can ask me anything, and I’ll give you my best answers and advice. When you book a mentor session with me, it won’t be a one-time experience. I will provide you with the tools to keep flourishing well into the future.

After learning wedding photography through my grandfather throughout my childhood, and since photographing hundreds of people over the last decade, I fully understand the industry’s ins and outs. And having taught elementary school for seven years, I believe in the importance of education. Although I taught ten-year-olds, my educational background can be helpful for adults, too. I’m as patient as they come and understand different learning styles, so I don’t mind reexplaining things. No question is off-limits, but you don’t have to raise your hand! 

Hey, Sarah here!

Mentorships for Wedding, Elopement, & Family Photographers.

+ Join me during a 1.5-hour couples and branding shoot and 1.5-hour editing session
+ 1-hour Zoom call before the shoot and 1/2-hour Zoom call after the shoot

The Total Package - $750

+ 1-hour Zoom call to ask me anything (marketing, going full-time, pricing, social media, etc.)
+ 1-hour Zoom call check-in one month later

Coaching Calls - $400

+ Join me during a 1-hour couples shoot to focus on posing and camera settings
+ 30-minute branding and BTS shoot for your marketing

Live Shoot - $400

+ 1-hour Zoom call to discuss your website and social media
+ 30-minute Zoom call check-in two months later

Website & Social Media Audit - $250

Mentor Session Packages


"Sarah is a wealth of knowledge and has taught me more in a single session than I’ve learned throughout my college career & 7 years of doing photography! She takes the time to educate herself and has so many tricks up her sleeve to streamline her processes from culling and editing to creating efficient guides for her clients. I can’t say enough good things about Sarah as a photographer and mentor. She is the best in the biz!"

"i can't say enough good things about sarah..."


I had a fantastic experience working with Sarah for a mentoring session. I've been photographing people for a long time, but only started to build my business in the last few years, and I had about a million questions about all the behind the scenes things that need to happen. Rather than trying to sift through all the information (and misinformation) online, I asked Sarah and she had answers for everything, from the best way to backup your images to the best ways to make blogging easy. I really appreciated her patience with me as more questions came up during our session. I would highly recommend working with Sarah!

"...She had answers for everything."


"Being a new photographer, I have been investing in lots of education to learn the ropes about this business. I followed Sarah on Instagram because we were from the same area, and then ended up reaching out to her with some questions when I booked my first wedding. I decided to set up a mentor session with her, and it was one of the best things I could have done. She laid it all out on the table for me. She helped me create packages and gave me honest feedback about my work and my worth. I would HIGHLY recommend booking a mentor session with Sarah if you are looking to get a jumpstart on your business. She will continue to support you and your work post-mentor session, and I am so happy to have her as part of my community!"

"She laid it all out on the table for me."

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