Crawford Notch wedding ceremony. Elopement at Mount Willard.

Planning a New Hampshire Elopement

Located in the heart of New England, the “Granite state” is one of the best places to elope on the East Coast. With sprawling forest landscapes as far as the eye can see, and even a little slice of that coastline – there are so many adventure elopement locations to choose from here! As a local New England elopement photographer I am SO STOKED to help you plan your dream wedding adventure! In addition to all of the juicy details I’ll go over in this guide, I have a ton more resources available exclusively to my clients! But I’m so happy to share all these resources on planning a New Hampshire elopement with you! So LET’S DIVE IN!

How to Elope in New Hampshire

Okay the nitty gritty of getting married – if you want to do it legally (meaning all the paperwork and fun stuff!) You can choose to get the legalities of getting married done in your home city/state if you’re not local, and then have your elopement ceremony, OR you can file in the state the county/city of your choosing at the time of your elopement. To get married in New Hampshire you will need to get a marriage license, and officiant; and that’s really it!

Marriage license:

You can get married the same day you get your license – some states require a waiting period! This means you can go get married the day you pick it up or within 90 days! The cost is $50 and it usually takes around just 15-30 minutes to get from the City Clerk’s office. You will both need to be present to get the license. NH doesn’t require any additional witnesses to be present for a wedding ceremony to be legal, but of course, you’re welcome to have them!


Permits may be required depending on what exact location you decide on for your elopement ceremony. National Parks and State Parks all have different requirements when it comes to what is allowed and where. Some parks require special use permits, in addition to a photographer’s permit, while other areas don’t require any paperwork at all! This can also come down to how many of us there will be at the elopement ceremony. If you plan on having guests, that may be more likely require a permit as opposed to if it was just us 3 exploring the trails and taking a few brief stops. Either way, this is something we would go over in our consult calls in the elopement planning process!


Eloping can mean having as few or as many vendors as you want to include. It really depends on what your priorities are for the day! Having an elopement doesn’t need to be all DIY or low-budget as some people might assume! Something to keep in mind when hiring your elopement vendors; find people who align with your values! This can make a huge difference when planning your day when all of the people helping fulfill your vision are on the same page! Hiring vendors who are passionate about elopements/intimate weddings is ideal! They will understand all the fine details when it comes to meeting your needs! ESPECIALLY when it comes down to the photographer/videographer. Hire an expert who is comfortable shooting what you want! Adventure elopements can include difficult weather conditions as well as terrain.

Don’t be afraid to hop on a call and meet your vendors face-to-face BEFORE booking them! Believe me, we want to jive with our clients just as much as they do!

Some common elopement vendors to hire are:

  • Officiant
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Florist
  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Caterer/Baker/

Be sure to check out these amazing vendors for New Hampshire:

Officiants: Jean the JP, Lori Steere (
Planning: Rings and Ridges
Florals: In Bloom, Emily Herzig Floral
Videographer: Hudson Valley Creative
Photographer: me…haha shameless plug! Contact me here.

Now the really fun part – deciding where in New Hampshire to elope!!

Where to Elope New Hampshire

  1. The Mountains: Did someone say WHITE MOUNTAINS ELOPEMENT?! You guys, New Hampshire has some of THE most incredible mountain vistas, and not JUST in the fall! Year-round you can find so many trails to explore the beautiful terrain! Whether you want a white winter elopement in the snow or a romantic fall foliage wedding, warm summer adventure or green spring elopement: New Hampshire delivers in every season
  2. By the Water: While New Hampshire only has about 18 miles of coastline, there are plenty of waterfront lake options to explore! Did you know there are a whopping 944 total lakes in the whole state?! Not all of them are accessible though, and some may require a hike, while others like Echo Lake in the White Mountains is an accessible lake elopement location!
  3. In the Woods: New England forests are so beautiful and so dense! If you want a romantic elopement in the woods, New Hampshire has tons of places to choose from. You’ll most likely come across a forest or two hundred at any location you choose! There are lots of awesome forest hiking trails that take you to the best views!
  4. Private property. Could be the backyard at your aunt’s house, your best friend’s vacation home, or a house listed on Airbnb/VRBO! There are soo many unique places you can book for a day or a week! Choosing this route can be a fun way to make your intimate wedding or elopement more guest friendly! There are lots of reasons to book an Airbnb for your elopement. From having a unique and comfortable place to get ready, to hosting a small reception with loved ones after your ceremony. Just imagine getting ready at a private Treehouse in the woods before your mountain elopement!

Elopement Locations in New Hampshire

If you’re wanting an epic outdoor adventure on your wedding day – having an elopement is ideal! Just imagine spending the day out in nature with your partner, saying your vows in private, and not worrying about anyone else’s expectations! New England has so many incredible elopement locations, here are a few of the best places to elope in New Hampshire:

  1. Crawford Notch
  2. Franconia Notch
  3. North Conway
  4. Lakes Region

Crawford Notch

Franconia Notch

Artist Bluff, NH wedding

North Conway

North Conway wedding ceremony

Lakes Region

In addition to this list of locations, I also have an exclusive elopement location list for my clients! With tons of private spots to say I do, I’ve done my research on finding some amazing elopement destinations in New Hampshire! Ranging from extended hikes to easy and accessible lookout points – there are plenty of options to choose from! I LOVE helping couples choose the right location for them and their personal needs!

What to do at your NH elopement?

Franconia Notch elopement

New Hampshire has soo many outdoor activities, in every season! You don’t even need to be an outdoor enthusiast or adrenaline junky to include activities on your wedding day. Having an elopement means you will be able to design a day tailored to YOUR interests. Whether that’s getting ready together; reading a book, making breakfast, going for a walk, or booking an excursion like a hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride – the options are limitless. Don’t feel like you have to shorten your day because you’re “eloping. The BEST elopements are the ones that go all day long – and even multiple days. Wedding days are notorious for being rushed and crammed into a traditional timeline with little to no wiggle room! Extending your elopement to be all-day leaves room to relax and not stress! Here are a few ideas for what to do at your New Hampshire elopement:

  1. Hiking
  2. Wine Tasting
  3. Swimming
  4. Bike riding
  5. Horseback riding
  6. Hot Air Balloons
  7. Kayaking
  8. Roadtrip
  9. Boat tours
  10. Off-roading

Unique Hotels and Accommodations in New Hampshire

Airbnb wedding

Even if you’re a local to the area, booking accommodation can be a fun way to make your elopement experience unique and less-stress. Finding a location that is near your elopement ceremony is ideal when booking a place to stay, and giving yourself at least 2 nights there is important! That way you’re eliminating the stress of checking in/out and having to pack out on your wedding day! Rather you get a cozy place to get ready in AND come back to after your day of adventures!

When to Elope in New Hampshire

Deciding when to elope has so many determining factors! From determining how much time you can take off/how long of a trip you want to take, to considering the important factor of what will the weather be like and how will the landscape look! Planning a New Hampshire elopement you will definitely want to take in consideration the different seasons, as well as be aware of the peak tourism months/times as that can infringe upon the privacy of an intimate elopement ceremony! Here’s a brief rundown of what the seasons are like in New Hampshire:


Summer: Tourism starts to increase in the summer, as everyone is on vacation or school break. There’s a mix of mildly warm breezy days, some thunderstorms/rainy days, and then some really hot days! Luckily there are plenty of amazing lakes to go swimming at to cool off after a sunrise summer elopement hike!

Fall: This is when tourism is at its PEAK in New England. Everyone visits to see the incredible fall foliage that we’re known for! You can definitely have a fall elopement, however, I definitely recommend planning for a weekday, and finding a less popular trail!

Winter: New Hampshire gets its fair share of snow in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less gorgeous! There are so many winter activity opportunities (Snowboarding, skiing, etc) A winter elopement in New Hampshire is not uncommon!

Spring: The trees are turning vibrant green again, and you might find some wildflowers blooming around! Temperatures can be cold still, with plenty of rainy days. But there are plenty of warm sunny days mixed in – perfect for an elopement hike!


Depending on what season and which location you want to elope at, timing can vary! A sunrise elopement can be nice on the hotter days of summer (~5:30am) and can be a great way to avoid the crowds in the fall (~6-7am.) However, sunset elopements can be absolutely magical in terms of that classic golden hour glow! These are things I go over in the planning process with my elopement clients. We’ll go over all the logistics of weather, timing, and location, as well as backup options if anything goes awry!

New Hampshire Elopement photographer

Hey, THAT’S ME!! As your New England elopement photographer pro I’m here to help you fulfill your wedding vision via photos! Not only that, but I’m dedicated to making your entire elopement process fun and stress-free. I’m all about creating connections and documenting the authentic moments that become your favorite memories! Together we’ll create a day that is intimate and romantic, while also having a blast. If you want to avoid all the traditional wedding drama, the million decisions you have to make, and explore in nature instead, I’ll be there! 

New Hampshire Elopement Guide

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